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I'm a front-end web worker (developer and designer). I like great storytelling and pixel-perfect design.
Acronyms I know best: UX, UI, PSD, CSS, HTML, AS3, CMS

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I'm a total hack. And everything I've learned about HTML, Flash, Actionscript and Photoshop has been O-T-J (on-the-job)... my own personal pursuit of pixel-perfect development. If you need credentials or a pedigree, then I'd love to share my résumé. In summary, I've done work for Fortune 500 clients, world-class institutions and nonprofits. I'm also a writer (I have a Master's in PR), which mostly means I'm not afraid to tackle copywriting when I have to. Ultimately, though, I strive to communicate visually first (design, photos, illustrations). When that fails, I use words.

Looking for my résumé?

Privacy concerns and some modest interwebs paranoia make me somewhat leery of just plopping my résumé up on the site. I'd rather not have some random, run-of-the-mill identity thief making the rounds as me. (There are already way too many Steven White's in the SERPs, yah know?) So if you'd like a look at my work history, skills and experience, I'm happy to send my résumé via email. Thanks!

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Looking for my résumé?

If you're interested enough to want a peek at my work history, skills and experience, then I'd love to share my résumé with you. Sadly, I have to ask that you email me for a copy since I really don't want to take any major risks with my privacy. Use the address at the left and I'll zap you a copy via email. Thanks!

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